Next Generation Social Networks

Making sense of today’s deluge of Big Data is a great IT challenge, requiring Design Synthesis. Zann Gill predicts that crowdsourcing platforms will evolve into next generation social networks to support the emerging field of collaborative intelligence. Her talk at Draper University describes this thought leadership space and its emerging potential for a range of new ventures dedicated to turning social networks into problem-solving ecosystems.

Student discussion (last 20 minutes of the film) identified a range of new ventures conceived by this Draper U cohort, pioneering next generation social network business concepts, engaging several modules in the Draper U curriculum.
social-network-linksSocial Networks, and the information explosion, now serve each other. To search an expanding universe of information, we need to cluster information, to rely on the recommendations of friends and colleagues whose judgment we trust. We need new taxonomies that can self-organize and evolve to support innovation and its start-up stars.


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