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Tingari Dreaming Tingari Dreaming. Anonymous AboriginalArtiist
If Microbes begat Mind provides an interesting, integrated, and unusual presentation of the issues of life’s origin, and evolution, and the parallel development of intelligence and consciousness. Woven through it is a commentary on the scientific process and its analogies to evolution and origins. It includes an important review of intellectual history and philosophy and is a needed addition to the growing field of books in the field that for the most part deal only with biology, chemistry, and physics. Although the concepts are sometimes complex, they are explained with many examples and with a rich sampling of‘hard science’ research.  It supports the intellectual arguments for engaging in this research that supplement the many scientific, engineering, and applied outcomes that make the field so engaging. It is an important read for both beginners and advanced scientists and scholars in the fields of biology, evolution, astrobiology, history of science, and human affairs.”

Dr. Baruch Blumberg (1925 – 2011) – Nobel laureate

Former Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute & Researcher, Fox Chase Cancer Center

“Zann Gill takes up deep and interwoven topics — the origin of life, the origin of hypotheses and more. What comes up in its grasp is wonderfully written, provocative, and an important book. Do read it.”

Dr. Stuart Kauffman, MacArthur Fellow, Fellow of the Society of Chemistry
, University of Washington

“Zann Gill’s insightful and thorough investigation draws on the author’s extensive research and interviews. If Microbes begat Mind will appeal to those interested in the origin of life as a current interdisciplinary problem in modern science and in how we can bring our best creative and scientific talents to bear on the pressing issues of today.”

Dr. Chris McKay, Senior Research Scientist 

NASA Missions to the Moon, Mars, Europa,  Titan


“Zann Gill weaves her hypothesis from the metaphorical Gordian knot in a unique way. Much as a CAT scan cuts through the complex anatomy of the human body, Gill uses single powerful concepts as hyperplanes that cut through the complexities of microbes and mind. The reader sees individual strands of the knot as they emerge into each plane, but must in the end integrate multiple planes to comprehend the three-dimensional whole of the knot.”

Dr. David Deamer, Origin of Life Theorist, Research Professor, Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Image Credit: Tingari Dreaming canvas by an anonymous Aboriginal Artist [we should know who this artist is]. 1989.

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