earthDECKS – the neXt game


draws on the analog of card games, but in this “deck of cards” each card is a knowledge resource. A game-like knowledge ecosystem supports learning, emergent innovation, and cross-disciplinary problem-solving.

As Francis Crick’s metaphor for the origin of life of the card deal reminds us that what seems impossible to predict before the fact is easy to retrodict after the fact.  Chance is modeled by the randomness of the cards you got in the deal. Pattern recognition is the other half of playing the game – what you do with the cards you are dealt. So too for the game of life. . . .

Collaborative intelligence characterizes distributed, multi-agent networks where each unique agent is an autonomous contributor to its collaborative problem-solving ecosystem. These principles are applied in earthDECKS [Distributed Evolving Collaborative Knowledge Systems].


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