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Overview of the site and three key strands of the Gordian knot. More

Next Generation Social Networks

Making sense of today’s deluge of Big Data is a great IT challenge, requiring Design Synthesis. Zann Gill predicts that crowdsourcing platforms will evolve into next generation social networks to support the emerging field of collaborative intelligence. Her talk describes this thought leadership space and its emerging potential for a range of new ventures dedicated to turning social networks into problem-solving ecosystems.Social Networks and the information explosion now serve each other. To search an expanding universe of information, we need to cluster information, to rely on the recommendations of friends and colleagues whose judgment we trust. More

Seven Mavericks

A series of mavericks inspired this work in different ways. Though on first glance, they appear diverse, all engage a single theme and one big question: What strategies do individuals going against the grain of commonly accepted views use to persuade others, and with what consequences? There are many other inspirational mavericks, but these individuals each played a particular role in inspiring my work.  More

What Daedalus told Darwin

Charles Darwin’s Dilemma: His theory of evolution required variation, which he acknowledged that he could not explain. Until recently, it was taboo to ask whether random variation and environmental selection through “survival of the fittest” had any limitations. But simple logic shows that Darwinism does not fully explain how or why evolution’s arrow points toward complexity. Bacteria multiply in profusion and are fit survivors, so why didn’t evolution just stop there? More.

Emerging meta*Discipline: Collaborative Intelligence

Are we are on the verge of a Kuhnian paradigm shift driven by the need to process the explosion of data? To understand complex systems and to advance evolutionary computing, we need better understanding of how living organisms act as distributed information processors in their ecosystems. Humanity’s success as a technological species demands that we become wiser decision-makers, moving beyond competing for advantage toward collaborating to create a thriving civilization that sustains Planet Earth. More


This ecosystem draws on the analog of card games, but in this “deck of cards” each card is a knowledge resource. A game-like knowledge ecosystem supports learning, emergent innovation, and cross-disciplinary problem-solving. More