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Zann Gill is the Founder of earthDECKS, which draws on the analog of card games, but in this “deck of cards” each card is a knowledge resource. earthDECKS Game*Changers are making a difference in their local communities. Zann worked with Buckminster Fuller while she was a graduate student (M. Arch. Architecture Harvard). Fuller’s concept for World Game preceded the public internet and mobile computing and inspired earthDECKS as “the neXt game” to harness next generation social networks, the public Internet, and mobile apps toward global problem-solving.

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Zann Gill’s focus on developing the discipline of collaborative intelligence (next generation crowd-sourcing and social networks for problem-solving) informed her entry to the international smart city competition Kawasaki: Information City of the 21st Century. Her entry tied with Matsushita (now Panasonic) for First Prize and won the Award of the Mayor of Kawasaki, placing higher than entries of other large Japanese corporations, including Shimizu and Taisei. She proposed an IIS (Intelligent Integrating System) to harness distributed nodes/ devices to aggregate and make sense of the data they deliver. We then lacked the public Internet, mobile devices, ubiquitous computing, smart systems, or knowledge and search capability to build the systems she proposed. Today’s emphasis on big data heralds demand for an IIS, an Intelligent Integrating System. Crowdsourcing platforms are evolving to tackle this challenge. Zann was hired at NASA Ames Research Center to develop program plans for science collaboratories, harnessing NASA’s supercomputing capability, high speed internet, and visualization tools for cross-disciplinary problem-solving. She later advised Australia’s national ICT Center of Excellence NICTA on their Smart Systems – Eco-cities initiative and worked on a decision support system for large-scale sustainable remediation projects, rolled out to $400 Million worth of projects (2010–2012). She then founded earthDECKS as an agile neutral agent to launch and collaborate with leaders of sustainability initiatives.


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